unbirthdays and a real birthday in June

Isn’t it amazing how many unbirthdays there are to celebrate!  I love preparing surprise mail for blogging & crafting friends, ready to catch them unawares with a bit of fun mail rather than those boring bills.

As you know, I was busy chopping up cat themed fabric in May, and I had a sort of mini-production line going making some mug rugs (or fabric coasters, if you prefer).  A great way of using some of my odd charm squares.

unbirthday salpal lilu

Anyway, this little batch were sent (left to right): to Carole who almost has 3 cats, to mamoures and to Christine.  Postcards sent along (in case you were wondering) are from a huge stash of Royal Mail postcards I inherited from my Dad).

Two more were sent off to Lilubelle and salpal and I have something really “eery” to add about that ^^

unbday carole pia LGS

The whole idea of my un-birthday scheme is a) because I’m not very good remembering birthdays unless it’s close family and b) there are 366 days this year, so every single one of us has 365 un-birthdays to celebrate in 2016.  Well believe it or not . . . the surprise for salpal arrived spot on her REAL birthday ^^  I couldn’t have managed that even if I was trying to send her a proper birthday card when you consider that I live in France, salpal lives in the US and the postal service is always a mystery to me.  So happy birthday salpal, and happy un-birthdays to the others.

AND . . . I didn’t just make mug rugs . . . with another of the vignette fabrics, I did some proper patchwork piecing and made a cushion cover.  I had a little trouble with corners, but won’t go into that.

cat cushion

I sent this cushion cover (without the insert) to reine, a forum friend who fell in love with one of the recent cushions I made for someone else.  So she gets her very own cat cushion.


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