F2F–Miss June

A squidgy parcel has been sent and received for the kick-off in the F2F swap, organised by Kate and Sue.  They ran this swap from June 2015 – May 2016 with an international group of patchworkers. It proved to be such a success, that the F2F swap is now beginning its second year.  And I am taking part – yay!

There are nine of us, so the swap will run from June – February . . . each month we will be making three 12” blocks for the Miss of the Month, in her colourway . . . so by the end of the swap, everyone will have 27 lovely blocks to sew together.

Lynn is Miss June.  This photo is of her colour inspiration.


And here are the blocks I made

June 01

First block is called “Flying X block” . . . I started off with pinwheels, as that is something I feel fairly comfortable with these days.  Pattern and instructions found here.

Second block

June 02

is a sort of churn dash, although it wasn’t meant to be ^^  I was actually following a pattern called “Golden Gate”


You can see, from the print-out, that I should have ended up with a cross in the centre but I sewed rows 1 and 3 on upside down Rire  In actual fact, I think it turned out more effective than the original plan, so what a happy accident that was. Pattern and instructions found here.

For my third block, I decided to stitck to something with squares rather than triangles

June 03

and followed a pattern called “Connector Chain” which enabled me to make use of a couple of Moda charm squares I had in my stash.  Pattern and instructions found here

Kate has begun a new blog HERE especially for this F2F swap, where you will be able to admire all members blocks as they are made each month.


21 thoughts on “F2F–Miss June

    • I’ve actually gone a bit pale for my version of the “mustard/gold” asked for, but Lynn assured me they blend in fine.

  1. We must also give major credit to Sue Brown at https://sewingmagpie.blogspot.com, who shared the original concept with me, and who has been forced by ill health to take more of a back seat than we’d both have liked.
    Congratulations on being first out of the starting gate; yours are the only photos up in the new gallery so far; I’m hoping that will change soon!

  2. I love those colors – the ones she chose and the ones you used. Not the usual “blue and yellow” (which I love, but is overdone).
    Great execution, too, even if you did sew them together upside down. I think you created a new pattern. 🙂

  3. wow great job and i love the colours too 🙂 looks like we are having a patchwork frenzy on WP lol …no accidents ! just design alterations 😉 it looks wonderful

  4. I love my blocks Claire (a belated thank you I know!). I was following you before on my WP Reader which I never look at! So now, I’ve got you on ‘follow by email’ as it’s the only way I get a nudge to read the blogs I want to follow.
    I’m just starting on another three blocks I’m making for myself and then I’ll start laying them all out to see how best to combine them all.

    • gosh you are being industrious! mind you, with 30 blocks, it’ll make something a nice size. I might follow suit and make 6 for myself, when the time comes ^^

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