is it just me?

Is it just me, or do other patchworking ladies find that the quilting part is the least fun part of the entire patchwork process?

I ask because I could cut up fabrics and piece back together until the cows come home.  I am totally addicted now, and need my regular “fix” of machine piecing. Once upon a time it used to be cross stitch that took up all my crafting time. Now I am happy as Larry up in my sewing room, and always full of ideas for new projects to begin.

The problem though – how many pieced “tops” can you bung in a drawer before you feel you have to start finishing them off properly?  It’s all very well to play around with fabrics, but unless they’re quilted, they’re not of much use to anyone.


Anyway, today, rather than give in to temptation (which was to play around with scraps) I decided it was time to quilt.  I only had three tops folded away so I pulled out the oldest one, my Moda “Somerset” pinwheel top (pieced in September 2015) and got cracking.  It’s not very big (compared to some of the huge quilts some ladies make, mine are only lap size) but even so, it took me 4 hours just to sandwich and quilt 6 of the 20 blocks.

While the patchwork part is, for me, a relaxing and creative process . . . the quilting is a real chore.  It has become easier, and less stressful since I bought my Juki.  But I still don’t enjoy it because I’m always worried I’ll botch up my piecing on this last part.

So I wondered . . . am I alone?  Does anyone actually enjoy quilting on a domestic machine?  Or is the “patchwork fun”, for you, more in the piecing together of pretty fabrics?


22 thoughts on “is it just me?

  1. I like quilting on a domestic machine. I think, I’d make more quilts, more often, if I had a long-arm one though. I like the planning and getting the fabric together and making the blocks and then I wait for sometimes years before quilting it. 🙂

    • so the fact that a top can wait years before you quilt, means that you really prefer the planning and piecing part, if I understand correctly ^^

  2. Interesting to read this. I have no idea how to quilt anything bigger than a cushion and here I am making a king size bed hexie quilt . Am wondering if I would be better off just making a duvet cover. Anyway I hope you enjoy your quilting!

    • I think a handmade hexie quilt would be best quilted by hand ^^
      My hand pieced hexies have been put on hold for the moment, but when I do finish them, I will no doubt quilt by hand, unless I’ve mastered the art of machine quilting a little more by then lol.

  3. It’s cutting into the fabric that I enjoy most. I also like piecing but tend to put off the quilting until I get sick off seeing the top lying around. If I put a top in a box I forget about it so I try not to do that. I enjoy binding too but I can’t do that unless I get the quilting out of the way first 😉

  4. I don’t enjoy the quilting part as much as the piecing, but the bit that I like the least is the binding, probably because I’m not very good at it 😉
    I just don’t seem to find the time to do any of it at the moment though. Working is great for paying for stash, but not so good for using it…

    • Thanks to some very sound advice from Avis a few years back, binding is now a walk in the park (most of the time) for me. Quilting is still something that needs practise.

  5. I like sewing all the pieces together, and am even enjoying cutting now – I used to spend weeks just looking at the fabric, not wanting to cut it in case I made a mistake. The quilting kind of intimidates me, but I really want to make a king sized quilt, so I’m going to have to get over that!

  6. I don’t mind machine quilting if I can use the walking foot. I have only FMQ’d one quilt and it shows, so I’m just lazy! However, I am hoping to get round to practising one day and then I’ll be off. You can’t finish a quilt without quilting, and I don’t piece tops I then leave lying around, I finish, whether it’s hand quilting or machine walking foot quilting.

    • you know Kate, you’re one of the rare people (whose blog I follow) who actually finishes quilts before starting new ones.

      • Sometimes I have several on the go for different people and causes, but I do finish them all! I’ve never in my life put away a finished top without turning it into a finished quilt.

  7. I don’t like the cutting of the fabric because it takes me so long and I do worry about making a mistake so I’m checking the instructions.I really enjoy the organizing and sewing the pieces together. I used to hand quilt on a quilt rack that took up half of the living room lol. I am trying more and more to FMQ And all the fabric and batting does gets heavy and bulky around the machine for me too. I do like the built in walking foot on my Bernina so I think I like the stitch in the ditch method the best 🙂

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