best layer of the month #May

Well, Miss Moneypenny hasn’t been earning her keep at all.   She began her brooding silliness early April, and is still at it.  I pick her up and make her go outside several times a day. As soon as my back is turned, she’s sneaking back up the ramp.

Oh well, it’s not as if we’re short of eggs.  The other two hens are laying very well, and we had the biggest whopper egg ever the other day.

egg 02

Flash on scales makes it difficult to read the last figure. Egg weighed 107g.

egg 03

And here it is, up against a normal sized egg. 

egg 04

Just look at the whopper!  A double-yolker, or course ^^

Anyway, not only did Miss Marple lay that whopper, but she actually laid for 30 days this month, so a total of 30 eggs.  She is our hen of the month again.  Miranda laid a very respectable 28 eggs . . . so a grand total of 58 this month.

8 thoughts on “best layer of the month #May

    • it is isn’t it? I gave it to the little girl next door to crack open ^^ She’s 5 years old and they had an incubator with chicks hatching out in her class at school.

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