cats ‘n dogs

There are several familiar expressions citing cats and dogs.  We can let the cat out of the bag . . . and must let sleeping dogs lie.  We can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and of course, while the cat is away the mice will play lol. It can be raining cats and dogs.  And people can fight like cat and dog. 

All of this as in intro because I was looking through some of my novelty prints earlier and found lots of cat “vignettes”


and a few dog vignettes

cats n dogs

and have an idea of what I’m going to do with some of these.  (That’s Ducky, by the way, sprawled out on my cutting mat). 

As you know, I have a dog and 4 cats.  I’ve always considered myself a dog person BUT since adopting our first cat (in 2001), I can’t imagine our home without cats.  Yes, they tend to take over the furniture somewhat, and yes they always get in the way when I’m trying to craft, but they are wonderful company.

I was wondering about you, my readers.  Are you a dog person or a cat person?  What is it about your 4 legged companion that you find so appealing?   


13 thoughts on “cats ‘n dogs

  1. Historically, I’ve been a cat person, because I find them decorative, independent and not too needy. But now, I’d love a dog for the company, and as a friend, and someone to go on walks with (when I’m able to walk properly again). Sadly, our lifestyle is pretty irregular with the Husband’s shiftwork, and we travel a fair bit, so a poor dog would have a rough time.

    • yes I find cats suit our lifestyle more these days. We still have our dog, Blackjack, who is 10 years old. I’m already thinking he might be our last dog as we are rather tied down if we want to go out or away.

  2. very cute fabrics…I have always been a cat person. But have had both cats and dogs ( yes more than one of each) it was always a fun mad house, until the last 10 years and we have one dog that is plenty lol..our Doberman, Roxie who is a big goofy baby 🙂

    • Dobermans get a lot of bad publicity due to the roles they play in films. The ones I’ve known have all been very affectionate dogs.

      • I couldn’t agree more Claire, people that we have met that are intimated by our Roxie have had an instant change of heart about Dobies. She is a big lap dog lol

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