remind me never to do this again!

Hmmm , we live and sew, as we live and learn.  And let me tell you, I’ve learned something.  Do you remember this photo?


It was the neatly ironed and folded fabrics from an old quilt cover.  When I say old, I should really say “worn”.  The reason it became recyclable fabric was because the quilt cover had ripped in several places, and if I’d thought about it properly, this meant that the fabric, as a whole, has become too worn and tired overall.

But did I think?  Of course I didn’t ^^

The other day, I decided I wanted to try out a new pattern and that one of these fabrics would be perfect for my prototype.


Pattern being NewLook #6602.  It was the trousers I wanted to try out.  Just plain and easy elasticated waist cotton trousers, but with two invisible pockets on sides.


Anyway, once I’d done the cutting, the sewing itself went really well, and in about 4 hours (yes, I know I’m slow) I had a pair of perfectly wearable cotton trousers.

quilt trousers 02

Just look at that! Hand in invisible pocket ^^  After this pose, I decided I’d need to take them up an inch to get a better hang . . . but on the whole, I was very pleased with my sewing and looking forward to be really cool this summer.

quilt trousers01

Anyway . . . that same evening, while still wearing my lovely new cotton trousers, Le Bleu, who was on my lap, took fright at something. He lept off my lap, digging back claws in as he did so.  And . . . yep, you can see it coming, can’t you?  Ripped a hole in the fabric Confus

Under normal circumstances, and with a good quality cotton, this would not have happened. I had to face up to the fact that fabric was too worn and thin.  I didn’t even scold the cat. It wasn’t his fault. Just nipped upstairs, chopped both legs off and turned it into a pair of PJ shorts lol.  Sorry about the unmatching pattern on binding. It was a late night job and simply trying to rescue something from an afternoon’s sewing.

quilt shorts

Now the story isn’t over yet . . . because did I learn my lesson?  Of course I didn’t.  Dense must be my middle name.

The next day, I decided to use the other side of the old quilt cover to make a matching top for my new (unplanned for) PJ shorts.  The plan being to try out another pattern


NewLook #6086 and make top D.  Pinning of pattern went well. I cut out.  And . . . oh no!  As I opened the front piece, which had been cut on the fold, I saw (yes, you’ve guessed) a damn hole right in the middle lol.

Did I bin fabrics, and just give up?  Of course I didn’t.  I decided to try my hand at some appliqué instead Rire  I’ll spare you the rest of my sewing session, and just show you the end result.

quilt PJs 02

quilt PJs01

Not terribly glamourous, especially with that appliqué heart right in the middle BUT we live and learn.  I expect these PJs will probably be ripped to shreds in next to no time, especially since Le Bleu likes to snuggle under the quilt and maul me during the night.  However, on the bright side: I successfully followed 2 new patterns and made 2 items of clothing that fit.  I successfully made 2 invisible pockets.  I did my first ever appliqué. And I tried a new way of adding my binding, so it’s folded completely inside neck and armholes.

The question now is : will I be making clothes in old bedsheets again?  Of course I won’t!  I might be dense, but I’m not stupid ^^


24 thoughts on “remind me never to do this again!

  1. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so frank about this and simply show the final result ….. you could easily be starting new fashion trend, lol. I think your finished result looks terrific, heart and all.

    • I’ve just been laughing so much at myself and how it took me so long to realise that when fabric is worn out, it’s worn out ^^

    • that’s exactly what I’m going to do ^^ I really like the fit of the tunic and plan to make that again in something less “bed-sheety”.

    • results are great for bedtime, but I’ll have to find some more suitable fabrics if I want to make some clothes to wear out and about.

      • That is true, but think of this – you have figured out the pattern and the fit, so now when you use your “good” fabric, the garments will be that much better for the practice.

  2. The trousers did look great though so when you.make them in new fabric you’ll have no problems. I’m currently making my first ever top…. from an old duvet cover! I’m hoping it’ll be ok though as my stash of duvet covers came from my.mum who refreshes her bedding about once every six.months so i figure it’s almost like new!
    By refreshes – i mean she buys new ones, not that she washes them twice a year!!!

    • lol you should be fine Wendy ^^
      my quilt cover was about 10 years old, and had been through hundreds of wash cycles. Fabric was so fine in places, it tore on its own, which is how it ended in my recycle box. I will continue using sheets for sewing – I inherited loads of brand new, or barely used, sheets from my mother-in-law.

  3. On the plus side, you now have new skills and didn’t learn them on expensive fabrics. Your new PJs look fab and I bet you’re all fired up to remake those garments with some really nice fabric 🙂

    • too right, Carole. In fact, as I type, I have potential fabrics in washing machine, having their first wash (for any shrinkage) so that I can get them ironed and ready to pin and sew on Monday. This sewing experience, rather than putting me off, just makes me want to try even harder ^^

    • lol that’s either a quality, or a fault, depending on how you look at it, but generally I don’t give up easily.

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