happy dancing with a new cushion cover

I am, as the title says, having a happy dance with a new cushion cover. Not for me, but made as a gift for one of my husband’s work colleagues . . . and I’m so pleased with how it turned out, I almost don’t want to give it away lol.

4 hour cushion 05

This is a zoom of the gorgeous fabrics.

4 hour cushion 04

And a photo of the whole thing.  I made a 12” block and then added 2” bands.    Not only did piecing go smoothly, but quilting and assembly all went really well too.  I did some echo quilting, just on the inside of the print fabric.

Back is made with heavier-weight fabric in cream.  Now that I can do neat button holes, I find this method of fastening to be the easiest.  3 dark navy buttons, to keep thing simple.

4 hour cushion 06

I like this block so much, I think I’m going to make it up again, in different fabrics, to make a few new cushion covers for our living room.

For anyone who wants to try it, this block is called GOLDEN GATE.  Mine doesn’t look exactly the same as the pattern because I (deliberately) inverted rows 1 and 3.


18 thoughts on “happy dancing with a new cushion cover

    • thank you ^^ I’ve tried various closure techniques. Zips are always a hassle because I never seem to have one the right length or colour. Velcro is easy but I’ve run out. Buttons, now that I have an automatic button hole thing on my machine, is therefore my easiest option.

  1. Its beautiful, and I love using the buttons closure on my cushion covers too, its a very nice touch 🙂

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