pear parfait

We had guests for lunch on Saturday, and I wanted to make up something fruity & creamy for dessert, without having to go overboard on hours spent in the kitchen.  I decided to adapt the “Danish Parfait” recipe in my Kenwood Chef recipe book, substituting pears for apples.

I didn’t worry too much about weighing out my ingredients, but simply made a rough guess, bearing in mind I was making a dessert for four people.  Ingredients are very basic


I used 4 Conference pears, 4 slices of bread, a large knob of butter, 150ml of whipping cream, about 60g of brown sugar, 2 tiny squares of milk chocolate and a teaspoon of white sugar.

First, I peeled and diced pears, and put them in a saucepan to stew very gently.  While they were cooking, I turned my bread into breadcrumbs, mixed in the brown sugar, and “cooked” that very gently in a frying pan with the knob of butter until it was nicely browned and crispy.


I waited for both sets of ingredients to cool.  Next, I drained off excess liquid from pears and mashed them up slightly with a fork . . . then made layers of fruit and breadcrumbs in a glass dish (rather like making a lasagne).

Then it was simply a question of whipping up the cream and adding one teaspoon of white sugar towards the end, to make a very subtle chantilly.  Plopped that on top and finished by grating some chocolate.



Into the fridge for a couple of hours . . . and then dished up for dessert ^^  This is something that needs to prepared only a few hours before serving, to keep the crispiness in the breadcrumbs. If you make it the night before, it’s still nice, but breadcrumbs go a little soggy from the fruit. 

As mentioned above, the original recipe called for apples, which I have tried before and was “okay”.  Pears were, to my taste, much better . . . next time I’m going to try it with bananas!


13 thoughts on “pear parfait

  1. Yum. Would be lovely with plums, peaches or apricots too, especially if you added a bit of ground almond in with the toasted breadcrumb mixture. I’d make it, except I can’t do the bread….

    • it was ^^ not too sweet, because I don’t like desserts to be too sweet, but lovely and light to finish off the meal

    • it was yummy, but if you make it, make sure you eat it within a couple of hours. The breadcrumbs go all soggy if you try and keep it overnight ^^

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