SAL update – picking up a UFO

Hello folks!  It’s time to share 3-weekly update photos of our cross stitch SAL . . . a SAL in which I stitch along with a group of very international ladies, and we keep each other motivated.

On the last update Avis and I proudly shared a happy dance, as we finished “Kokeshi Friends” by Joan Elliott.  We then ummed and ahhed a little about what to tackle next.  I have to say that, since we began SAL-ing together, we have, thus far, always been working on the same project. However, for the next few months, we will be working on something different.

The main reason – I had a UFO in my stash and felt the SAL slot would be ideal to motivate me to get it finished.  So . . . for the next few months, this is what I’ll be working on.


Another Joan Elliott design ^^  I started this way back in 2013, and it sadly got put away during the house-moving and became a UFO.  This is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the drawer

SAL unicorn WIP

And, this is what it looks like now

SAL Unicorn 210516

It’s a large project, so progress doesn’t appear to be much, but I’ve been concentrating on the blues for Maiden’s dress, and also stitching the unicorn’s third leg.

Don’t forget to do some blog-hopping and see what other SAL members are up to.  Avis has started something new . . . and other ladies are making good progress on their diverse projects: Kate, Carole, Wendy, Lucyann, Jess, Gun, Sue and Constanze.

Next update on 12th June.


17 thoughts on “SAL update – picking up a UFO

    • I didn’t actually start with the ground all those years back ^^ I basted a grid for central lines of design (which is on 4 pages) and actually started smack bang in the centre of the design, but working down and out. On a project like this I always leave the face until near the end

  1. Oh what a wonderful project and I can see the difference
    Sadly I didn’t do a single stitch on my flower fairy this time so withdrew from the Sal but I will be back as everyone is so completely supportive.
    Good luck with your project.

  2. That is gorgeous. I love Joan Elliot designs and have quite a few charts, although I’ve yet to do one. I shall enjoy watching this one grow instead 🙂

    • I have JE charts from magazines and several of her books . . . just not enough time to stitch all her gorgeous designs.

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