putting my feet up


Yep, I’ve been putting my feet up, out in the garden ^^  We went shopping today for a few bits, and I found something on special offer that I’ve been wanting since last summer . . . a not too expensive recliner deckchair. 

I was thrilled to bits to see that the ones on special offer were PURPLE . . . and the model is called “Dora” which made me laugh.  For 20€ the recliner, I just had to have one . . . well actually two.


They’re very comfortable, and you just push gently on the arms to make the thing tip back gently, so your feet are up. 


At the moment, they are placed in a strategic position from where I can throw Blackjack’s toy for him, which he fetches, so I can throw it again.  How lazy, eh?  watching Blackjack run around, while I “recline” with my feet up.  This is the good life!

Abby immediately decided that one of the recliners is especially for her (although I did buy it, thinking my husband might enjoy a rest from gardening)


But no, Abby reckons it’s perfect



I have also done some crafting of late, but can’t show much for now. What I can show is this


A very quick stitched card, which I charted,  for eldest son who has recently moved into his own flat.  Any “Friends” fans will understand the “got the keys” quote . . . and I just happened to have some tiny key embellishments which were perfect.


6 thoughts on “putting my feet up

  1. Putting my feet up – that’s exactly what I will do on the terrace this afternoon as it’s such a nice and sunny day today. And I will read to my heart’s content 🙂

  2. Oh how fun! The little card is perfect, and i love that you can take it easy in the yard while exercising the dog at the same time. ;- ) Of course the cat thinks you bought the second recliiner for her, we’re just here to serve them after all!

    • thanks Sue ^^ Son’s new flat has a bright green colour scheme and seller left curtains, rug and various bits all in that bright green. Just had to slip some purple in there too though, because that’s sort of my trademark ^^

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