“hope”–Dimensions happy dance

Despite the bright sunshine and gorgeous blue skies, I’m already getting ready for Christmas. 


Here is “hope” . . . a plastic canvas kit by Dimensions.  It’s the third one, in a set of 6, that I’ve stitched so far this year.

dimensions x3

As I think I already mentioned, I’m waiting to complete all six before I get out the felt, fabric glue and ribbons to do the official finishing, but that isn’t stopping me from having a modest happy jig today in the sunshine.


12 thoughts on ““hope”–Dimensions happy dance

  1. They are just so sweet. And I can’t help thinking you are right to spread Christmas stitching like this as I never leave enough time to carry out my Christmas plans.

    • I don’t do too much xmas stitching, but I did fall in love with these plastic canvas kits and thought it best to get an early start

  2. You’re very talented. These are quite charming and will be lovely when all finished.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m a bit curious about the stitch you used. The canvas looks like it’s 14 count, your stitches are so neat and tidy and cover the canvas well. I was wondering, Did you use a cross stitch type stitch?

      • Thanks so much for answering so quickly. I appreciate it.
        I look forward to seeing photos of your creations finished and ready to display. 🙂

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