a happy dance and a happy un-birthday

A few weeks ago I showed a happy dance, when I finished stitching “Wise Old Owl” by Raise de Roof.  Today, I can share the full-flung happy dance with you because this was made as an un-birthday gift and has arrived safely.   The lucky un-birthday gal is DebbieRose, a friend in Australia.

Anyway . . . drum roll please as I show you a few “in the making” photos . . .

wise owl 01

I started out with an “old” shirt ^^  This was one of my daughter’s shirts that she put in the recycle bin last summer. Nothing wrong with it, just not really her taste anymore, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out.   And I’m glad I didn’t, because the colours were a perfect match for some of the pinkish words in the cross stitch text.  So, out came the scissors

wise owl 02

and I set to work.

wise owl 03

Bands sewn around the edge . . . wadding, backing and some straight line quilting

wise owl 04

then binding, loops and buttons.

wise owl 05

wise owl 06

wise owl 07

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, and was doubly pleased when I found the little fimo clay owl button in my button box.


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