best layer of the month #April

hens orchard

Hens have now been moved to the orchard.  For this, we’ve invested in a second (more basic) coop which is less cumbersome than the first and will be easier to move around. The first coop will remain in the veggie garden part, ready to welcome the hens again in the autumn – once the land has recovered from a full 12 months of scratching. We’ve already turned the soil over, and sown special “prairie” grass seed – it should all be nicely grassed over in plenty of time.

In the meantime, therefore, hens are enjoying their 30m2 park, lush greenery, and will soon benefit from the leafy shade of the apple trees for the hotter months.  We have more than 400m2 of orchard, so we’ll be able to move both coop & park as and when the hens need fresh pecking ground.

Egg production has been almost non-existent for some . . . Miss Moneypenny decided, very early on this month, that she’s feeling broody AGAIN!  She laid 6 eggs during the first week, and since, just sits all fluffed up in the nest, protesting loudly when I pick her up and make her go out for some fresh air.  Miranda has been good though, with 26 eggs, and Miss Marple is our Miss April, with 29.  A grand total of 61 eggs this month, so still a lot.


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