almost a happy dance

I wonder if any of my followers remember these two stitchings?

indian happy dance3

If you do, it means you’ve been following my blog for quite a few years, because I stitched these two pieces in 2013.  “Indian Brave” and Indian Maiden”, designs by R Rheinhardy, and both charts came in the same kit by Janlynn.

As is usual for me, these got bunged away in a drawer – the pleasure with cross stitch (for me at least) is the stitching, and I sort of lose interest once I’ve finished a project.  However, thanks to my Juki, I am motivated to make sure that 2016 is the year of finishing off some of those cross stitch pieces so . . . I did some fabric auditioning.  The reason: I had bought a bargain FQ of an interesting print, which I thought would work quite well with my Native American Indians.

indians 01

I literally pulled out everything that could possibly be used, even toying with the idea of adding a lovely yellow and a bright orange at one point


but on second thought, no . . . I wanted to keep things dark and “earthy”.  I rarely do any maths when I begin a small project like this, so once I had whittled down my choice of fabrics, I just did some stripping and assembled bands until I had a large enough piece.  Which I then sliced up. 

The aida of each indian was evened to 8” x 21” and I simply added narrower band strips top & bottom, then wider band strips to both sides.

indians almost 01

I managed to more or less centre the pattern on print fabric, on the wider bands but didn’t worry too much about the top & bottom.

For the moment things look like this.   Indians are deliberately not centred because I want a narrower border on the side they are facing, and wider border to their backs.  Each piece measures approx 17” x 30, but will be trimmed down on the final leg.

indians almost 02

Both pieces now need wadding, backing, quilting, binding & loops, but that will be a job for another day.  Almost a happy dance but not quite lol.


17 thoughts on “almost a happy dance

    • I’ll probably just sew a simple outline inside of aida to keep things in place. These are for wall hangings after all, so it won’t matter if the centre part isn’t properly quilted.

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