2006 retrospective

After 2004 and 2005, I’m continuing my cross stitch retrospective, looking at projects I stitched before I started blogging . . . 2006, ten years ago, but it only seems like yesterday.

That year I appear to have done no stitching for myself, but worked only on gifts.  A set of bibs for Diana’s first grandchild in Australia


A Paris themed project for Diana’s son


A “Popcorn” design for the birth of a friend’s baby


Some Margaret Sherry zodiac cats, finished off on CD pouches as Christmas gifts


Pollyanna Pickering’s blue tits, which I finished off on a canvas bag for my friend, Valérie


and “Here fishy, fishy” for another friend, also called Valérie


I’m glad I took photos of all of these otherwise I would have forgotten all about them.


11 thoughts on “2006 retrospective

    • since the invention of digital cameras I have always made new files on my computer, by year, and each year divided into months, so when I download photos to hard drive, I have all my “albums” sorted (more of less). That’s about the only area where I’m organised ^^

  1. Mike (my MOTH) still has his CD case. Its in excellent condition. I will find out if the bibs were passed down. Pat’s Paris cross stitch. He showed me a few years ago. I meant to ask you about the pattern, as I liked it so much I thought I would stitch as momento of our trip.

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