ok, so where do I sit?

Okay, so where do I sit?

2304 cats 02

Can you tell it’s wet and dismal outside?  It’s been raining almost non-stop for about 18 hours and family felines have decided to take over my 2-seater sofa.  Which is fine for them, but where do I sit?  I mean, they could all snuggle up a bit together and just use half the sofa, but no!  Abby on the left, Merlin in the middle and Ducky on the right.

Le Bleu, during this group snooze, was all on his own, in the middle of our double bed

2304 cats 03

He does like the sofa but only when I’m sitting on it ^^

Oh and earlier today . . . Merlin and Ducky were on the 3-seater sofa

2304 cats1

That’s Ducky, flat on his back, rear legs in the air, and Merlin giving him a good clean.  I don’t know what Ducky gets up to. All the other cats seem to feel he is in constant need of a wash, and he is more than happy to let them do all the grooming.

While on the subject of cats . . . I have a small happy dance to share with you.

ginger tom 01

This little design is by Ginger Tom.  Avis gave me the kit last year and I finally got around to stitching it.  The kit was brilliant.  Loads of threads, and 2 pieces of aida because it is stitched both front and back

giner tom 02

I simplified things a little. The front is supposed to be all filled in with off-white stitches for the background, but I preferred less stitching, and to have the rustic aida as my background.

If you’re wondering what I’m reading at the moment, it’s “Misery” by Stephen King ^^  I’ve seen the film several times, which is excellent, but the book is a whole lot better.


11 thoughts on “ok, so where do I sit?

  1. typical kitties…. !! My Trixie will sit behind me on my office chair so I end up with only half a seat, and this morning I woke up with her and her sister Pixie sleeping on the pillows above my head. They both complained when I got out of bed.

  2. Cats do like to spread out and be comfy, don’t they. And if you’re like me, you don’t have the heart to move them 🙂

    I read Misery ages ago and it’s definitely better than the film, but then most books are!

  3. oh, your kitties are so cute! Ours won’t share a piece of furniture now that they are all grown up. Not even the window seat when the birds are at the feeders.
    Love the stitching, too, of course. Hope your weather clears up soon!

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