new, exciting, upcoming project

It’s so exciting !!!  I’m signed up to take part in a swap.  My first patchwork swap ever – yay! 


This is Kate and Sue’s baby, born the summer of last year.  From June 2015 – May 2016 there were 12 ladies, industriously patchworking and having fun making and sending each other 12.5” blocks.  At the end of the 12 months, the plan being, that each lady has 36 magnificent blocks to assemble and make a super dooper quilt, or turn blocks into smaller projects if she so chooses.

I followed that swap avidly . . . regretting not having signed up for it, but then again, slightly relieved I hadn’t because ladies’ patchwork skills were all very impressive. 

Anyway, it was such a success, and ladies had so much fun, that Kate decided to launch the swap for a second time.  And, of course, I signed up.

There will be nine ladies in the swap this time but we’ll still be making three blocks a month.  It will run from June 2016 – February 2017.  Each lady has already chosen her colour scheme.  Kate’s husband did the draw, to decide who become the “Miss” each month (I’m Miss February 2017).  And I have already begun some naughty fabric buying (shhhh) as well as taking the opportunity to tidy up my fabric stash and see what can be used for the swap.

My choice of colours is very bright.  I have asked for bright blue, green and orange, with this picture of some Australian Rainbow Lorikeets as my inspiration.


Some of you may remember that I stitched a design by Fiona Jude a long while back


The “Plan” with a capital P . . . will hopefully be, to have some gorgeous vibrant blocks to sew together and make a patchwork . . . and then finish these fellows off into a matching cushion cover ^^  They are a lot brighter than in the photo . . . very much like the real ones in the first photo. 

I have also added links to the participants blogs (see right bar on screen).  One of the ladies does not have a blog.

Anyway . . . I have to be patient a little while longer. Ladies are currently still busy sewing to finish the first year’s swap.  But come 1st June, I will be in the starting blocks !

Kate has already commenced a new blog which will be dedicated to the 2nd version of F2F.  Which you will be able to visit here: F2F2


10 thoughts on “new, exciting, upcoming project

  1. I’m really looking forward to working with your colours, because I have lorikeets visiting my back garden every day to inspire me, and they really are that bright! Mind you, everyone has selected gorgeous colours this time round, and I promise you, it truly gets easier as you go along. The trick is not to leave the three blocks too late in the month. Also, there’s no rule that says blocks have to be different each time, or terribly complicated, so relax, enjoy it, and end up with a lovely pile of beautiful blocks at the end.

    • don’t worry, I plan to enjoy myself ^^
      I have been “prepping” . . . as in I’ve sorted through my fabric stash, made a neat pile of fabrics that will be suitable for the swap, so I can make my shopping list . . . and I’ve even found some scraps that will come in handy too ^^

      • Prepping is good! It’s like getting out your suitcase a week before you go on holiday… The other thing I do is open a folder and copy into it all the patterns I think I’ll want to use, to try out, to challenge myself to, rather than casting about for something, anything, when I’m under pressure. I have the most *enormous* F2F Block Ideas folder!

      • yep – I found 2 very good sites with ideas and cutting instructions for 12″ blocks . . . have printed out about 10 so far and added to my ring binder, starting off with some of the easier ones

    • I thought a “Bee” was where ladies physically get together to sew or quilt, all working on the same project.
      I’m pretty sure that what we’re doing here is a swap lol.
      Members are world-wide, some in US, one in Australia and some in Europe and the idea is we make blocks to send to each other, then receive blocks from each other – so surely it’s a swap?

  2. I love your colour choices. Your quilt is going to be so bright and cheerful. F2F was my first block swap too and it’s a lot of fun sending and receiving blocks from all over the world. I bet you can’t wait to get started.

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