QAL with Vanella Road Creations

Earlier this month, Kiera, of Vanella Road Creations decided to organise a mini Quilt-A-Long . . . and I, of course, was tempted to join in unofficially (I don’t have a FB account, so I was just following on her blog).

Clear instructions were given for fabric needed, sizes of pieces to cut and away we went.  Now the actual QAL was to make a mini quilt but I wasn’t really sure what I would do with a mini quilt.  I therefore increased the number of blocks, and made something bigger.

It was the ideal opportunity to use some fabrics I had received from Avis at Christmas


Two lovely purples and two teal-greens . . . I added a fifth fabric, “Wickerweave” by Andover for my background


And have a top measuring 34” x 45” so far.  I chose the original lay-out that Kiera suggested: “Which way?” . . . I love how all the purples point in one directions and the teals in the other.   Next step will be to add a border before I set to quilting and finishing off . . . but that will be for another day.


13 thoughts on “QAL with Vanella Road Creations

    • Avis gave me lots of suggestions for different lay-outs with this block, which is so versatile, but I ended up going for the asymmetric diagonal effect

    • a table cloth???? Do you use table cloths? lol.
      I haven’t used one of them in year. I prefer indiviual place mats.
      Nah, this top is going to grow a fraction bigger with a border and will then be the perfect size to drap over my 2 seater sofa in the living room.

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