Let it bee – hexie progress

It’s been a while since I showed any hexie progress . . . the reason – it’s slow going.

let it bee april 01

I had the idea for hexies because of the bee theme of my Henry Glass fabric (collection Let it Bee) and fancied some hand-sewing, so back in September, I just sat and cut out hexagons.  With the prints in my stash pack, I had enough to make 15 little flower shapes to begin with.  I’m now thinking 15 isn’t such a good number for what I plan to do, and 14 will suffice. Saying that, it doesn’t matter, since the spare block can be made into a matching cushion cover.

Anyway, photo above not to show you any particular layout, merely to show progress.

let it bee april02

The next stage will be to sew together lots of these darker hexies into  pyramids which will join the larger blocks together and create a star effect, while also giving the impression of honeycomb.  I’m still not sure exactly how this is going to work out.  It’s keeping me out of mischief ^^


9 thoughts on “Let it bee – hexie progress

    • yes that’s the idea ^^
      my “problem” is going to be the shape of the final top. I haven’t decided yet whether to go for edges like on your WWF quilt, or whether to square things off as I get to the sides.

      • The scallopy edges look lovely, but you need to make an extra row all round as a facing on the back. If you can stand doing that, then it’s a great look. Otherwise you’ll be chopping loads of hexies in half.

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