SAL update–“Kokeshi Friends” #8

The end is almost in sight . . .

KD 08

KD x8

Isn’t the new gal on the block a cutie? with her Mickey Mouse bunches ^^  So, 8 little kokeshi dolls all lined up and waiting for me to complete the shelf, backstitch and other details.  This design is “Kokeshi Friends” by Joan Elliott and is great fun to stitch.  The high-light of each stage is to stitch the details on dolls’ faces and bring them to life.

Don’t forget to do some blog hopping and see what other SAL members have been up to.  There’s Avis, Kate, CaroleGun, Wendy, Jess, Lucyann, Cathy, Sue and Constanze.

Next update on 1st May.


15 thoughts on “SAL update–“Kokeshi Friends” #8

    • Avis and I began our SALing together more than 3 years ago ^^ and each time, we’ve been stitching the exact same design, but using our own colours. We’ve done an Ink Circles (Cirque des Cercles), lots of blackwork, and this was the first design we’ve stitched where we have more or less respected the colours of the chart lol. So yes, we decide together, what part we’re going to stitch for each stage and that motivates us to keep up the pace.

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