best layer of the month award #March

april eggs

It’s time to tot up the total number of eggs again – gosh, doesn’t time fly?  March was a 31 day month . . . and hens were as busy as ever with a grand total of 80 eggs.  I still can’t get over how productive they are. 

Miranda is the overall winner again, having laid 29 eggs in March.  Miss Moneypenny laid 26 and Miss Marple a very respectable 25. 

We’ve got a surprise in store for our hens this month.  After being in the veggie patch part of our garden for almost a year, and despite us moving the coop and enclosure around to give them fresh pecking ground, the ground needs a rest.  We are therefore going to move hens to the orchard for the Spring and summer.  They will have fresh ground to peck and scratch, and, will be able to enjoy the shade of the fruit trees. The previously pecked land will have several months to rest and to grass over again for the autumn.


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