“Wise Old Owl” progress

On 1st January, keeping up the stitcher’s tradition of starting the New Year with a new project, I began “Wise Old Owl” by Raise the Roof.  After only a couple of stitching sessions, I promptly put it away . . . looking like this.

wise owl 02 01 

However, with April looming, I decided I needed to get back to work on some of my WIPs.  Don’t want too many things dragging on throughout the year, do I?  Especially since I have lots of plans for new projects in the coming months! 

So, out came the linen, chart and my hoop.  I don’t like using hoops and avoid wherever possible, but on linen I find it’s a must.

Anyway, after only a couple more sewing sessions I have definite progress


I’d say I’m about half-way there now.  This little chap will be perched on the top of my WIP pile.  In case you’re wondering, yes, he is still without eyes.  Three reasons for this: 1) I can’t decide whether to do eyes in black and white or whether to do something a little more zany.  2) I often like to leave some facial detail until the end, so that the design really comes to life once the expression is added.  3) it’s a lot quicker to stitch text and see progress, which in turn gives me the motivation I need Rire


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