un-birthdays in March

Yesterday, Katy and husband came for lunch . . . the opportunity to natter non-stop, catch up on all the news AND to celebrate two un-birthdays!  What a coincidence!  Katy and I both celebrated our un-birthdays! 

Katy had made me a zipper pouch

from katy01

from katy 02

with a skein of Secret de Capucine thread inside.

And I gave Katy one of my lavender bags and a coin purse.


Handmade gifts really are the best ^^


16 thoughts on “un-birthdays in March

  1. Such thoughtful and lovely gifts! So is an unbirthday really your birthday but you are not counting anymore, or is it just an excuse to give gifts to a good friend? Either way I like it!

    • ah Lynda, you obviously don’t know your Lewis Carroll . . . Alice in Wonderland . . .according to the Mad Hatter, there are 365 days in every year, and 366 in a Leap year . . . which means we all have 364 unbirthdays a year, and 365 in a Leap year lol. A wonderful excuse (as if I need one) to make gifts for friends throughout the year and surprise them when they expect it the least.

  2. Lovely unbirthday gifts, Claire.
    I’m commenting with FB since WP interferes with my Google comment even though I’ve deleted my WP account. I think I’m getting too old for all this BS. lol

    • it sure is fun to have an un-birthday, and even more fun to share the special day with a friend ^^
      oh and I forgot to mention – we even had CREAM CAKES ^^

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