the “lean green runner bean”

My 14 year old niece, a budding musician, received an electronic piano for Christmas from her parents, and asked if Auntie Claire could make a patchwork keyboard cover.  Auntie Claire said she would give it a go . . . and asked “what colour would you like?”  The answer “Green”.

So, with that in mind, plus the dimensions of keyboard (14cm x 129cm) I put on my thinking cap.  “Green” covers such a vast range of shades, but I wanted to make something bright & fun, so I ordered in some of the “Dot Dot Dash” Moda range.  The hardest task was deciding on a pattern – something so long and thin needed quite small pieces, if I wanted to have a repeat effect . . . so I did a couple of sketches, a little bit of maths, and decided to do a braid, but in two segments, with a mirror effect in the centre.

lean green 01

The following will be obvious to experienced patchworkers, but I decided to take photos as I went, to show any newbies how easy this design was to achieve.

I wanted my bands to measure 1.5” when sewn, so I cut 2” white strips and sewed to my greens (green fabric was almost 10” deep)

lean green 02

and sliced that into 2” bands so that I had my strips ready for the front of the patchwork.

lean green 03

lean green 04

I could have cut at 45° to avoid wastage, but I prefered to cut at 90° and worry about squaring up my edges at the end.

lean green 05

It was then a question of sewing things together in the correct order, from right to left, and then repeating.  I started with a white 5” square on the far right for my centre.

lean green 06

lean green 07

I made my “runner” in two halves and then simply decided on a “cut” line across the 5” square on both sides, which I then sewed together to make my centre.  And added extra white triangles to each end to give myself more than the required width.

lean green 09

I then batted and backed before quilting

lean green 10

And then cut everything to size before adding white binding.

lean green 13

lean green 12

lean green 14

I kept the brighter, dot fabric for the back . . . but it’s the front I prefer.

lean green 15

And here it is . . .my “Lean Green Runner Bean” –  the perfect size.  The very bright greens and crisp white making a lovely modern contrast against the black of the electronic piano.


19 thoughts on “the “lean green runner bean”

  1. This is really pretty – I love the greens and white contrast, Claire! Assembly of the braid, for me, would take a moment to reason out, but you’ve made it look easy!

  2. Claire, this pattern used to befuddle me but you’ve made it so clear with your explanation and diagram that I’m definitely going to try one. Thank you. I love the colours that you’ve used.

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