the one that didn’t get made for Christmas

In December, I showed you this photo

bandana 08

of a patchwork I was making as a Christmas gift.  Sadly, after smashing my head, early December, I got behind schedule with sewing and had to put this to one side.  It didn’t matter that much since the person it was intended for didn’t know I was making a patchwork for her.  She received a hand-made purse and a cheque instead, and when you’re a teenager, money is always welcome ^^

Anyway, I decided to get back to work on my Bandana fabrics, going along with my initial idea of chevrons.  A lot trickier to make with QSTs than I had thought (yup Avis, I know you warned me, but did I listen? of course not). 

I didn’t take any photos of the catastrophe along the way. At one point, I felt like throwing my fabrics in the bin and admitting defeat but they were far too yummy for that, and I’m stubborn.  So I plodded on . . . making the best of a bad job . . . and in the end, it didn’t turn out as bad as I had expected!

chevrons tops

It still isn’t finished, as you can see.  I’ve got to back, quilt and add my binding . . . but in the meantime, this colourful top will be folded and put away . . . and then finished off in time for Christmas 2016 ^^


19 thoughts on “the one that didn’t get made for Christmas

  1. I’m glad you persisted, because this is a lovely happy quilt, and you’ve learned something useful along the way too! There are all kinds of great tips and tricks on Pinterest for making lovely HST blocks without the whole mega-stretchy-bias-edges business, and if you’re interested, I can point you towards some of them, unless Avis is ahead of me there!

  2. Wow! This is so beautiful. As others have said, I can’t see anything wrong with it. A friend of mine has a theory about small ‘errors’ – she says if people are looking THAT closely to find mistakes, they have more problems than you do. It always cheers me up when I notice little imperfections in my crafting. I hope you post a photo when it’s finished!

    • I must admit to being very critical of my own sewing because I’m always looking to improve. Saying that, I know I’ve come a long way in the last 12 months with my patchworking and “precision”. I AM happy with the way this turned out. It’s been another learning curve, and that’s what I love about crafting.

    • yes I really like bright colours for patchwork. I bought a couple of different Moda charm packs because prints & colours are so incredibly fun! I’m probably going to make myself one to clash wonderfully with my bright striped sofa in the sewing room ^^

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