“Frozen” happy dance

A quilting happy dance to share with you today.  Finished well in time for niece’s birthday! 

frozen fini 04

“Frozen” because of the backing fabric, which is what gave me the colour scheme to work my quilt around.

frozen fini 02

I picked out the purples, blues and the yellow of Elsa’s hair.  Even found a lovely snowflake print to keep the wintery theme on the front.  The pattern: Train Tracks.

frozen fini 01

Only very lightly quilted, because that’s always the part I have most trouble with, and I was afraid I would pull everything out of shape if I did too much.  Like the “Dora” quilt, made for Christmas, I have machine embroidered my niece’s name top left-hand corner, so that everyone will know who it belongs to.  Finished size: 52” x 36”.  It’s another lap quilt, for snuggling up and watching cartoons Rire


15 thoughts on ““Frozen” happy dance

    • I don’t know if it’ll stand the test of time to become an heirloom, but as long as it is used and loved, I’ll be happy

    • thank you Carole, I thought of you when I was making my snowball blocks, because of one of the quilts you made for your cats

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