best layer of the month award # February


February is the shortest month of the year, and also one of the coldest ones in this part of the world (although we have had quite mild weather so far).  It’s also the month where we’re starting to see days growing longer, and night doesn’t fall until around 6.45pm.  This means our 3 girls are getting nice long days and egg-laying is keeping up with a vengeance.

Best layer of the month for February is Miss Marple (our black & tan hen) who laid 27 eggs, only taking 2 days off.  Miranda and Miss Moneypenny were close behind with 25 and 24 respectively.  Which gave us a grand total of 76 eggs this month! 

We’ve been enjoying soft-boiled eggs with buttered soldiers on a regular basis . . . as well as some very lovely omelettes and quiches.  Not forgetting the neighbours either, as it’s impossible to eat these yummy eggs as fast as the hens lay them and I see little point in stock-piling.  The reason we have hens is to enjoy FRESH eggs, so as soon as I realise I’m being snowed under again, I just pop half a dozen in a bowl and take to a neighbour. 

I honestly never thought, for one second, when we bought our three hens, that they would be such prolific layers.  One hen would probably have been enough to keep us in eggs lol.  However most books and specialists say it’s best to have a “flock” of at least 3 hens so that they’re happy.  Seeing the number of eggs every month, I think it’s safe to say our girls are happy Rire


5 thoughts on “best layer of the month award # February

  1. And of course, really fresh eggs make absolutely the best meringue! Your girls have been very industrious and impressively busy even through winter, so yes, I’d say they were very happy!

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