2004 retrospective

While doing some “tidying” on my blog the other day, I had my nose in my photo archives, looking at some of the earlier projects I had stitched.  On my current hard-drive, I don’t have anything prior to 2004, but still, I was amazed to see some of my stitching from more than a decade ago.  Most of the pieces were stitched and made as gifts, so I had completely forgotten about them.  Just as well I thought to take photos!

Funny though, seeing photos brings back memories of 2004.  I won’t bore you with the complete year in stitching, but here are a few that were stitched and gifted.


This was called something like “Blue Ballerina” and was stitched for a friend, Manu’s 40th birthday. 


A John Clayton design, I believe, of a relaxing game of lawn-bowling. This was actually stitched well before 2004, so I have no idea how it got into my 2004 photo files?   Made for my father who was (of course) a lawn bowler.   I must have stitched it round about the year 2000. What I really loved about this design is that the chap on the far right – the one with hands on hips and feet wide apart – looks so much like my Dad ^^  He hung this is pride of place in his home, and when he died (in 2003), we gave it to his bowls club to hang in their clubhouse. 


A golfer, in sepia, that I stitched and framed for my BIL (a golfer, would you believe lol).


This, for my half Greek half French BIL – finished off as little key cabinet (which is still hanging to this day in their veranda).


An Oelenschlager design, of 3 curious snouts . . . stitched for Suzy, a friend’s daughter, who was mad about pigs ^^


“Bears of Duckport” a Janlynn chart, that I stitched and framed for my daughter, who was 10 years old at the time.


Second son got “Dogs of Duckport” and I was supposed to be stitching “Cats of Duckport” after that for my eldest, but I never got around to it.  Instead, for eldest son I stitched




A Janlynn tiger. 


And yet another Janlynn design.  I think it was called “Antique Shoe Collection”.  That was for my English niece who was 17 at the time and totally mad about shoes.  That’s one of the great things about cross stitch – there’s always a design suitable for the ones we love.

And last one . . . are you ready for a laugh?


Yep that’s me, back in 2004 (oh my! haven’t I gone grey since then?) modelling a cushion I made for my friend, Diana, with four very funny Margaret Sherry cats.

Well that was fun, looking at a few old projects . . . if it’s okay with you, I might do the same next month, and take a look at 2005.


16 thoughts on “2004 retrospective

    • oh yes, Margaret Sherry cats – I have done some smaller ones since, but I did enjoy making this cushion because it was for a very special friend

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