tidying up my pages

I started this blog in 2009 as a place to share my enthusiasm for cross stitch although I began cross stitching more than 2 decades ago.  Over recent years, I have also begun patchwork, and trying my hand at some simple sewing projects . . . so I thought it was about time I tidied up my pages (the links you can see on the top of my home page). 

You’ll see, I now have “pages” or galleries, where I have grouped together photos of finished projects:  patchwork, sewing & xstitch.  The cross stitch gallery only contains a small selection of 20 years of stitching.  I haven’t added photos of the really early stuff because there would be too many photos to show you.  I have tried to put up a selection – different styles, different designers and different themes.  

I will be adding another page –  2016 Happy Dances –  just as soon as I have something finished this year.  That will be filled with photos of all crafting projects I complete throughout the year.


5 thoughts on “tidying up my pages

  1. I do like a good blog-organise sometimes, and you have so much lovely work to put in those pages. I love that cat x-stitch from Jardin Prive. I may have to go and look for that one – can’t think how I missed it before 😉

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