the beginnings of a new patchwork

After the huge success of the lap quilt I made for my niece, with a “Dora the Explorer” fabric on the back – here it is again, in case you missed it

for Mel 02

. . . I decided to set to work on a new quilt, for the same niece because it’s her birthday  in early March. 

Another of her favourite cartoons at the moment is “Frozen” . . . so I searched the internet for a suitable print.  Then bought a few long quarters to match in with the colours as well as pulling some fabrics from my stash. 

frozen selection

Here is the fabric selected and already cut.  4.5” squares in a snowflake print (because I want to repeat the snow theme in the patchwork design) and 2.5” strips in my other fabrics. 

I am following a pattern in one of my books

for frozen 2

The pattern being “Train Tracks”.

for frozen

The pattern in the book uses white for the “snowball” blocks, and then brightly coloured strips from a jelly roll for the 4 patches and triangles.  I didn’t have enough variety in my chosen fabrics to make enough different strips, so I chose 6 fabrics and cut 2 strips of each.  For the train track part, I have inverted things – making the centre of the block in print and the triangles in white.


So far so good. I have sewn my 24 blocks.  I have three piles of 8 identical blocks.  When it comes to assembly, which will be 4 x 6, I’ll shuffle them around, and try to get a nice balance with colour.  The yellow might seem a little out of place, but I wanted that to pick up on Elsa’s hair . . . despite the snowflake pattern, these colours have a lovely Spring feel to them.  I am really looking forward to seeing how things come together.


7 thoughts on “the beginnings of a new patchwork

  1. Lovely colour scheme, lucky niece! You’ve chosen a really pretty pattern, and one where you get a great result but it isn’t terribly complicated to put together, the best kind of combination!

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