a bit of free advertising

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but today I come to do a bit of free advertising. Not that I want you to buy anything, but, if you have 30 seconds, I would like you to consider voting.

My daughter, Lindashee, has submitted one of her drawings on a Tshirt site.  The idea is: artists submit artwork, which is then open to voting for 2 weeks.  The most popular designs are then printed and sold as “Tee of the Day” and artists receive a 10% commission for each Tshirt sold.

Now, it’s unlikely that Lindashee’s design will make it to the top because it probably won’t appeal to a wide enough public.  The most popular designs seem to be those dangerously flaunting copyright with characters from famous films/books/games/TV.  However, if you do have a few minutes to spare . . . I invite you check out Lindashee’s design here on Qwertee. 


A vote doesn’t mean you promise to buy. It just says that you like the design. You do have to sign-up to the site to vote though. A pseudo and a password.   I think it’s also possible to “like” or share on social platforms (FB, Twitter etc) but I don’t have any accounts on those sites ^^


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