orchids & hexies

It’s been so exciting here this past week!  Our orchids are in bud and flowering!  This is a first for us.  We bought about 6 orchids a few years ago, before our house-moves . . . but they obviously didn’t like our old house, and after the gorgeous flowers wilted, the plants themselves just shrivelled up and died. 

On arriving in our new home, we acquired a few more orchids that seemed to thrive in the veranda over the summer . . . and when flowers died, we left them in the veranda, despite falling temperatures.  That is obviously what was needed.  A huge fall in temperature, to make the plants “suffer” . . . and they’re now all sprouting new shoots, buds and first flowers are appearing.

orchids 01

We have one flower already opened, and more buds on the way on this orchid. 

orchids 02

Another one has flowers all along one stem – yay!  And our 3 other orchids all look as if they’re going to blossom soon. 

I know nothing about orchids, and I’m not particularly interested in learning  Rire  My husband is the one with green thumbs in this family, and I am just so pleased for him that the orchids are enjoying life in our new home, and that hubbie can enjoy taking care of them.

I suspect, now that we know orchids can thrive, we’ll be buying a few new ones to add to the collection.  I can feel a trip to the garden centre coming on at the weekend lol.

Orchids aren’t the only things coming along nicely . . . I’ve also been busy with hexies. 

LIB 24 01

This is just a quick snap to show the next fabric that will soon be added.  I haven’t finished sewing the “butter” to my 15 blocks yet (6 down, 9 to do) but I wanted to make sure my contrasting fabric would look good, so I prepared 6 hexies in a dusky pink.  These will be the hexies that join my larger blocks together. 

And another photo

lav megan

of lavender bags I sent to Lindashee.  These were with leftover fabrics from the patchwork I made her for Christmas.  So not only does she now have cushion covers and patchwork quilt, she also has matching lavender cushions ^^


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