sensible sewing with sheets

After the fun of sewing and patchworking for gifts – fun because it’s always a great excuse to add to the fabric stash – I’ve been doing some sensible sewing.  Using up some of the flat bed sheets I think I mentioned. 


Also making my very first buttonholes – yay!  Although, with a machine like Juki, I can take none of the credit.  Juki has an intelligent buttonhole foot that you plug in and Juki knows exactly what size the button is.



Anyway this opens up endless possibilities for future sewing projects, I have to say!  In the meantime, it enabled me to sew a quilt cover (using 2 sheets) and add buttons to the flap.    I had enough fabric left over from each sheet to make 2 x 2 pillow cases.


Not necessarily the colour scheme I had planned for the bedroom, but it’s a “new” quilt cover and 4 pillow cases.   I still have some flat double-sized sheets yet to use.  So will set to work cutting and sewing up even more quilt covers this coming week.  


8 thoughts on “sensible sewing with sheets

  1. I like the stripe/floral combination very much. Those automatic buttonhole makers are awesome, aren’t they? Put on the foot, plug in the button, hit the right button on the machine and go!

    • I’m not a flowery person, but I can live with this quilt cover, since I’ve got it on the bed with the stripes on top. I have more sheets, and therefore more flowers, to sew up. Waste not, want not, is my motto ^^

  2. Great idea Claire. And isn’t the button hole unit fabulous ? I have one on my machine, it’s makes those little tasks so easy 🙂

    • well I did have button hole foot on my old machine, but not with automatic sizing, and I never dared try it. I have to say, the “intelligent” foot really makes it child’s play.

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