good for the grey cells

I’ve taken steps to keep my grey cells active for 2016.  Have signed myself up for some more “e-learning”. 

Some of my faithful followers will remember that 2010 – 2013 I followed an “Animal Care” course with a French home-school organisation. It took me a long time to work through and complete, but complete I did, and felt a great sense of acheivement.

Following that, I began a beginner’s psychology course with the same “school” and also signed up to follow on-line courses in “Web Science” and “Forensic Science” – full of good intentions.  However, this all fell by the wayside when family life suddenly became chaotic (death in the family, 2 house moves and another death). 

Family life seems to be on an even keel again now (more or less) so I browsed on FutureLearn for some inspiration . . . and I have signed myself up to follow three new courses – yay!

FutureLearn is a FREE on-line study site, which offers courses in a wide range of subjects, run by universities.  Anyone can sign up, and most courses require no previous learning experience in the subject area.  The only criteria: have access to a computer & the internet, and have a good knowledge of the English language, since all courses are taught in English.

Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation” run by the University of Leicester, is the first course on my agenda.  I failed to follow this when it was organised early 2014 – now is my chance to try again.   It starts on 8th February, runs for 6 weeks, with approx 2 hours of study time per week. 

14 thoughts on “good for the grey cells

  1. Oh, hurray for lifelong learning! It’s so good to keep stretching yourself, and I can’t think of a better way to make sure your brain is in great working order well into a ripe old age. Keep us up to date on progress, won’t you?

  2. sounds interesting! I didn’t; realize there were so many free courses available – I will have to check it out. Meanwhile, good to know that crimes in yoru household (like missing chicken feed or headless mice left on doorsteps) will be solved by someone with expert knowledge. 🙂

  3. I’ve done a couple of the history related FutureLearn courses and they’ve been really fun!, plus you get a super fancy bright pink certificate at the end! Hope you enjoy your learning, and good luck

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