XS and XL

The title would probably have been more appropriate names for our kittens, who are now 8 months old and almost adult cats.  When Abby and Ducky arrived in our home they were your regular sized kittens: 1.250 kilos for Abby, and 1.050 kilos for Ducky . . . perfectly healthy, normal weights for 10 week old kittens.

As the weeks turned into months, however, the difference in size has become more and more flagrant.   A picture says it all.

A and D 19 01

Rire  We have one XS sized kitten, and one XL Rire 

a and D 19 02

Abby is the XS kitten/cat.  She weighs in at just over 3 kilos which is actually quite a good weight for an 8 month old female kitten.  I say kitten, but she’s already lost her kitten looks and really looks like a proper cat – albeit a mini version of a cat.  Ducky, on the other hand just doesn’t seem to stop growing!  He weighed 5.2 kilos at his latest weigh-in, and I fear his growth spurt isn’t over yet.  He has also maintained his wide-eyed kittenish look . . . walks around with a swagger, just like Simba, the lion cub from Disney’s “The Lion King” and, a mischevious gleam in his eye. You just never know what he’s going to get up to next!

Usually something naughty!

We’ve been letting them outside so they’re both getting plenty of exercise, but that doesn’t stop Ducky from getting into trouble indoors.  His latest game is: playing in plant pots.  We had moved house plants to safety in the veranda to avoid disaster when kittens were small but with cold weather, my husband has brought some of the plants indoors.  As a result – no sooner is my back turned than Ducky (and sometimes Abby) is having fun excavating, and I seem to have spent the last few days sweeping up and putting soil back into pots.  Today I decided “Enough!”

pot cover

I’m trying something new.  Cut a plant pot cover from a piece of cardboard, and have slotted it around the trunk.  I’ll be interested to see if this disuades any future digging . . . and if it does, I shall be making more for the other  pots.   


14 thoughts on “XS and XL

  1. oh my! They are so grown up – and Ducky is going to be a BIG cat. 🙂 Good idea on the plant cover. Ours don’t muck about in the soil, but they do try to eat the leaves. 😦

  2. If your cats are anything like mine, they’ll just be EXTRA excited by the cardboard. I tell you, my cat loses his MIND over a piece of cardboard left out on the floor. I’d cover the cardboard panels with some aluminum foil if you want to deter them.

    • cardboard actually seems to be keeping them off. My kittens go mad for aluminium foil because of the noise if makes, and my adult cats don’t like it precisely because of the noise lol.

  3. We bring our terrace plants into the conservatory over winter too and we have to put rolled up chicken wire on top of the soil otherwise, in bad weather, the lazy devils will pee & poop in it to avoid going outside. This is just the 4 adult cats we have – the two kittens prefer practising their tree climbing skills and shin up and down the poor Jade Tree plant knocking off leaves and branches as they go. I would say, your larger cat must be getting fed elsewhere – which is definitely what happens with a couple of mine – but it sounds as though XS and XL stay close to home so you know what they are eating. Perhaps he is just ‘big boned’ 😉

    • I have litter trays indoors all year round, so kittens aren’t actually digging in plants to pee & poop, just to dig, because it’s so tempting. I am pleased to say the cardboard is doing the trick for the moment. Kittens are allowed outside now, and are enjoying the countryside, meeting the hens etc, but I think they’re still using litter trays for their “business”. With our adult cats, Le Bleu always comes indoors to use the litter trays whereas Merlin always asks to go outside.
      And yes, I think Ducky is just big-boned ^^ It’s mainly muscle.

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