SAL update–“Kokeshi Friends” #4

KD 04

Another little kokeshi doll comes to join her friends, and a little bit of backstitch has been added too ^^  This design, “Kokeshi Friends” by Joan Elliott is really lots of fun to stitch and perfect for a SAL. 

Regular readers, will know that I am stitching along with a group of lovely ladies, world wide.  You can click on the following links to visit their blogs to see what they’ve been up to.

Avis, Kate, Carole, Jule, Gun, Lucyann, Cathy, Jess, Jacqui and Wendy.

Next update on 7th February.


12 thoughts on “SAL update–“Kokeshi Friends” #4

  1. What is that yellow shape beside the littlest doll? It looks as if it’s going to be a rubber ducky, but I’m sure that’s not right! These are darling little characters, and it’s going to be gorgeous.

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