a few crafting updates

Goodness me, almost 2 weeks into the new year and not much crafting to show for it.  I’ve been dithering and dallying and generally wasting time on other things so any progress I have to show is quite slow.

First, my two new xstitch projects for 2016.  “Wise Old Owl”, by Raise the Roof, is looking more like an owl

wise owl 02 01

I need good light to work on this because I’m stitching on linen.  I’ve decided I much prefer evenweave or aida to linen ^^ but I do think the rustic, speckled linen here will be perfect for this design.

More stitching on plastic canvas also . . .

SAL 2016 03 01 (1)

as this tree decoration starts to take shape. A few stitching errors already, which I haven’t bothered to frog. I’m just hiding them as I go.

I have also been doing some more hand piecing of hexies  . . .

LIB hexies 13 01

Have added the “butter” to three of my blocks . . . only another 12 blocks (or 12 x 18 = 216 hexies) to assemble before I add the next colour Rire

Aside from that bit of crafting, I have also been doing a stock take of bed linen and various other sundry.  This was brought about because there was a massive rip in one of our quilt covers (that I’d already repaired in places in the past).  Being me, I just couldn’t decide to rip it up and turn it into rags . . . so instead, I cut it up properly, gave it a good iron, and now have some fabric to recycle lol.


It’s 100% good quality cotton but very soft now, after having been washed so often.  Need to put my hat on and decide what to make.


14 thoughts on “a few crafting updates

    • lol I was thinking of that, but I’ve got loads of pillow cases (following the death of my husbands Mum last year when we recuperated her massive supply of bed linen). I’m actually thinking more PJs for myself, or maybe even a “to be worn outside” tunic in the plainer fabric. Something with 3/4 length sleeves, nice and baggy, that would look good with jeans ^^ I live and die in jeans.

      • PJs would be lovely in soft fabric. The top sounds nice too – I know what you mean about jeans; I live in 3/4 length white pants 90% of the year, coupled with some form of cool, loose top. It’s the north Queensland woman’s ‘uniform’!

  1. Your owl is sweet but I cannot imagine stitching on linen – embroidery yes but not cross stitch so kudos to you. I so like the fabrics you’re recycling – would be perfect for a top and trousers or pjs or anything. Last summer I recycled an old sheet into a short kimono and sleep shorts that were summery perfect, lol. Have fun.

    • well it’s supposed to be linen for cross stitch, but to my eyes it’s a lot less regular than evenweave.
      Yes, I’m stitching directly onto linen, I figure it will give the owl and rest of the design a very rustic look, even if stitches aren’t all even

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