what Claire made for Christmas #5

I made a rather late start on this project – beginning only on 4th December, and working against the clock for a very special person – eldest son.

When asked for colour preference, eldest son had said “purples and black”, neither of which I had in my stash so I ordred in fabric especially, choosing prints in the “Shadows” collection and a black in the “Focus” collection.  There’s a third print, but you’ll see that in other photos. I set to work cutting 5” squares and then cut the black even smaller, into 2.5” squares

X and O 01

because the plan was to make X’s and O’s.



So ten blocks of each, to which I added black borders, then quilted

quilted front

and joined together with the third, darker print.

X and O fini 03

X and O fini 02

And on the back . . .

X and O fini 04

Finished quilt measures 50” x 60”.    This is the first time I’ve worked with a black background, and I have to say, I love the finished result.  Print fabrics are all leaves, so there’s nothing flowery, and I think it makes a gorgeous manly snuggle quilt.


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