lavender’s blue, dilly dilly

Véronique, an old friend, sent me some lavender just before Christmas.  It comes from her garden, near Avignon, and smells absolutely gorgeous.

lavender 01

Now, I don’t know about you, but I always have lavender bags in my drawers . . . I just love the fragrance.  Anyway, what do we do, when we’re lucky enough to receive a big bowl full of lavender?  Of course . . . rifle through the scrap box, find some lace & ribbons, and make lavender bags! (or in my case, lavender cushions)

lavender 02

In order to make the lavender go a bit further, I’ve stuffed my little cushions half and half with lavender and soft-toy stuffing.  Also attached a ribbon to each, because I like to hang my bags/cushions on coat hangers in the wardrobe.

I’ll show you some close up photos at a later date. I haven’t finished them all yet.  I am having great fun, using up my scraps, and my sewing room smells wonderful ^^


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