what Claire made for Christmas #3

You remember I showed you a sneak peek of this

secret sewing

I can now show you what I was making, but unfortunately didn’t take a photo of the complete batch since some had left in the post before I had finished everything.  I was making . . .


Coin purses – lol.  I had watched a few videos on youtube, managed to find where to buy the clasp frames (I wanted the sew-on ones, not the glue-on ones) and I also found a tutorial (in French) to explain how to draw my own pattern, perfectly adapted to the shape and size of the clasp frame.  I had drawn a pattern to begin with, which ended up looking like this

1st purse 02

It wasn’t too bad, but the shape was too bulky on the sides, and I hadn’t thought to use iron-on interfacing to make fabric more rigid.    Anyway, once I had drawn the new pattern, I had quite a production line going . . . however each purse is unique, and fabrics were chosen specifically for each person I was making for.

The one I made for myself is in greens, purple and gold ^^

purses 05

Then there are these three – in such different styles of fabric.

purses 06

left to right: for Lindashee, my sister and my 28 year old niece.

purses 07

And then the rest (although Lindashee’s purse and mine are still in the group photo)

purses 04

I still haven’t quite worked out how to keep the hand stitching of clasp invisible on the inside – so I got around that problem by matching my thread to the colour of lining fabric.

purses inside 01


purses inside 03

Stitching IS visible, but I’ve tried to keep it as regular as possible.

I had lots of fun with this sewing project.  It was lovely to be learning a new technique. Lots of fun rummaging in my fabric stash, in search of the “perfect” fabric and I think they make gorgeous, inexpensive, little presents.  The clasps cost me 3.75€ each and there was choice of colour with red, pearl-grey, blue, gold or green resin beads.


12 thoughts on “what Claire made for Christmas #3

    • what I like is that they’re all completely different styles ^^ I like the roses too, and of course, the one I made for myself

  1. These are beautiful, Claire, and would be fabulous gifts!! To me it looks rather difficult to attach those clasp frames so I haven’t even tried locating a source for the frames, lol. Well done, you.

    • it wasn’t too bad sewing the frames. Just had to make sure fabric was cut properly, so it fitted nicely and then I tacked into place before stitching. First one was nerve-racking, but after that it was plain sailing ^^

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