keeping with tradition

With the start of a new year only hours away, I’ve been looking at my cross stitch stash, wondering what projects I’ll be tempted to stitch this year.  I have several WIPs that will be spilling over from 2015 to 2016 (namely my Zodiac project, “Kokeshi Friends” and two larger projects that have been left to gather dust, metaphorically speaking, because they’re safe in plastic bags).  I also have the two kits I received for Christmas which are very tempting . . . but . . . I’ve decided not to begin either of them just yet, and work on a few more smalls.

Many cross stitchers like to begin a brand new project on the first day of the brand new year,  and I will be one of them.  Something not too difficult, or too big.  Just a small project to mark the occasion. 

SAL 1 jan

“Wise Old Owl” by Raise the Roof.  I’ve already chosen my fabric and threads. Not the exact colours from the chart, but I think they will work well.

I have also signed myself up on a French cross stitch forum for a 2016 SAL.  It’s a very relaxed SAL.  Everyone chooses their own design, and we simply post updates every so often throughout the year.  Rather than choosing a large project, I’ve chosen six little ones.


I bought these last Christmas and they’ve been waiting patiently for a full 12 months.  I think now is the time to start . . . and hope to make one every 2 months.  The first one will be

dimensions x1

So, lots of lovely little projects to keep me busy in the evenings.  And, being in the SAL, will motivate me to keep up a good pace.


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