what Claire made for Christmas #1

Are you all feeling rather too full after festive feasting?  Are you glad it’s all over until next Christmas?  And more importantly, did you have a good holiday season?

It’s always the same, isn’t it?  A flurry of work beforehand, and then Christmas seems to be over before you know it.  As a crafter who began work way back in September, with secret sewing, I must say, I couldn’t wait for Christmas and present opening.  Really eager to see if what I had made met with approval.  I’ve scheduled several posts, over the coming weeks to show you.  Here are photos of the first gift.

You will (possibly) remember, that I made some cushion covers for my daughter, Lindashee, as a house-warming present in September.  This is a photo I pinched from her blog, because colours are better than the photos I took.


Lindashee had requested a pretty cushion cover, to brighten up her new flat, so I was only too happy to oblige, with two.  What she didn’t know is that I immediately set to work on a co-ordinating lap quilt.


I couldn’t make a matching quilt as I had used lots of odd charm squares for the cushion covers. However, I did have enough of the Kaffe Fasset (top right square) and another fabric (bottom right) to keep things slightly co-ordinated.  So . . . another D9P began, but this time, making identical blocks.

megan D9P finished 03

First photo to show a close-up of one of the blocks . . . and then the complete quilt

megan D9P finished 01

megan D9P finished 02

I did a similar diagonal straight-line quilting as for the cushions, so the back is covered in triangles.  I forgot to measure it, but I think it came out approx 46” square.  So, not huge, but hopefully it will help to keep my daughter snug in the evening, in her freezing cold flat.


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