Abby – my little shrimp


Awwww!  Abby, our little “shrimp” went to the vet’s yesterday to be spayed.  She came home a very groggy, and wearing a rather interesting little outfit, roll-neck and all, to keep her dressing in place. I think she looks like an organ grinder’s monkey lol. 

Kittens will be 7 months old on 17th May.  I call Abby my little shrimp because she really is tiny, compared to the other cats.  She weighed in at 2.950 kilos yesterday. 


Ducky, on the other hand is my “monster kitten”.  I weighed him yesterday too, just out of curiosity.  5 kilos!!!!!  When I think back to when they first arrived, at the age of 10 weeks, and how Abby was 200g heavier than her brother . . . now, at almost 7 months, Ducky is a whole 2 kilos heavier! 

Oh and good news regarding Blackjack’s diet!  He’s been on a strict diet of calory control dried food for the last 3 weeks and has already lost 2 kilos. He still needs to lose another 4 kilos to get back to his ideal weight, but we’re already heading in the right direction.


5 thoughts on “Abby – my little shrimp

  1. I do think that Abby’s outfit is better than just having the cone-thingy on their necks. Sammie was quite distressed by hers and I think she’d have done much better with that huge dressing. How is Abby getting on with it?

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