5 stitches

Very ugly photo today, to show you 5 stitches, and not the kind I like.  For the squeamish, don’t look.


That’s the back of my head, covered in vaseline ^^

I won’t go into details. The concise version: on Wednesday I fell, smashed my head on a slab of concrete, and had to have 5 stitches.  Life is on a go-slow since.

I’m fine Rire

Still a bit wobbly on my feet, and now aching from the fall, but no serious damage done.  Am taking things gently, and hope to still be on schedule with my secret sewing for Christmas.  I won’t be spending as much time as usual blog-reading, so hope I’m excused.  I’m just relieved I got all my Christmas mail posted early, when I did. 

37 thoughts on “5 stitches

  1. The vaseline is an excellent idea, as it will stop the scab drying out too quickly, which can make things painful and slower to heal. I hope Monsieur is cosseting you as you deserve, and that the cats are leaving you some space on the sofa to recuperate.

    • Monsieur kept on phoning me several times a day from work to make sure I was okay, and now it’s the weekend, so yep, I’ll put my feet up and let him run around after me ^^

  2. I´m glad to hear you are allright. Must have been a nasty fall. I just wanted to thank you for the Christmas card I recieved the other day. So nice of you to send me one 🙂 Now, take it easy and have a Merry Christmas!!!
    Hugs/ Gun

  3. Claire, looks and sounds like a nasty fall – good news is that you’re not any worse for wear than this. Take care of yourself …. there’s only one you. Hugs.

  4. Oh my! That must have been some fall! I hope you heal fast and well, and are up and steady soon. I was so thrilled to find an envelope form you in the mailbox this week – I love me cat ornament. It will have a place of honor on our tree. Feel better soon –

  5. Oh Claire – are you in a competition with Kate for the worst injury? 😉 Get well soon. 🙂 Thank you very much for the Christmas ornament. I don’t have a tree, but it has already found a home in a seasonal bouquet.

  6. This is one of those posts that hitting the like button on just feels too weird. 🙂 Owwww! Sending healing thoughts and energy 9and a double-shot mental tea toddy!) your way.

  7. Oh no – that looks a really nasty fall. Hope you’re recovering and not pushing yourself too much. Also to say thank you very much for the gorgeous Christmas decoration that popped into to my postbox recently – with end of term madness I hadn’t had the chance to send you a proper thank you. Keep taking things easy and have a wonderful festive season ahead.
    Alison xx

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