12” blocks

I had fun doing some secret patchworking this month, but can now reveal all since the parcel has arrived.   Avis, is taking part in the F2F swap, organised by Kate.  It’s a fabulous block swap that 12 ladies began, in June, and that will continue for a full 12 months.  Ladies all make three 12” blocks, each month, in the colour choices of the “Miss” of the month. Now, I’m not a member of this swap, but have been following everything with great interest.  Unfortunately one of the ladies is unable to sew this month, due to hospital visits, so Kate, as organiser, said she would make up the three missing blocks for Miss November.

It so happens that Miss November is Avis – a special friend of mine . . . so I asked Kate if I could take on the job of making her three blocks.

Avis’ colour choice was: bright blues and purples.  I set to work, with great excitement . . . always love a secret sewing project.  Only to discover that it’s harder than you’d think to make blocks to a specific size.  I usually just cut and assemble, without worrying about how big my blocks are going to turn out. As long as they’re all the same finished size, I just bumble along and rely on width of sashing to determine my finished quilt size.

Anyway, this time was different. Blocks had to be 12” (finished) therefore 12.5” with seam allowance.

Here are the blocks I made and posted.

Nov claire93 3

First one (in the order I made them)  was going to be a Disappearing Nine Patch, but I got the maths wrong and had to do a rescue job . . . so it became an Exploding Nine Patch. Not sure if that’s a “real” block, but it is now lol.

Next – I think this is called Fence Rails? or Garden Gates? or something to that effect.

Nov claire93 2

And the third block: a Log Cabin

Nov claire93 1

After the miscalculation with my first block, I decided to play it safe, and stick to what I felt most comfortable with, letting the fabrics do the talking ^^


13 thoughts on “12” blocks

  1. And a lovely job you did of it too. Making sure the block is accurately sized is one of the bugbears of block swaps everywhere; what we’d fudge and make do with ourselves isn’t quite good enough to send to someone else!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful, Claire! I like your ‘exploding nine patch’ and you’ve just created a new block for folks to try – no doubt this is how new designs are born. Well done, you for stepping up and helping out and doing it so creatively.

  3. I like your Exploding Nine Patch better than a regular Disappearing Nine Patch! A happy accident indeed!! I have never participated in a block swap because I’m not well known for my accuracy 😉

  4. I’m the lucky recipient of these gorgeous blocks and they really are absolutely beautiful. I love the fabrics, the designs and most of all, your extremely tidy and accurate sewing. You stuck to the brief and made me smile. How you managed to keep this a secret I don’t know but I thank you all the same 🙂 It was a lovely surprise to find these through my letter box!

  5. Hi from Nanette who’s also in the F2F swap. I tried making a disappearing 9 patch for Annette, one of my favourite blocks. After a couple of disappointing too-small finishes, I went searching on the net, and discovered that because of the maths involved, having to cut pieces to one-sixteenths, they are just too hard to make for a 12 inch finish…….better quilting and mathematical brains than mine have tried apparently and not succeeded. I sent mine to Annett anyway, as an extra, thinking she could put a border around it, as a shame to waste that block. So, take heart, it wasn’t your miscalculations or lack of accuracy that caused it, just a mathematical impossibility. Your blocks for Avis are very pretty, and that was a good save with the DNP.

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