one down, several more to go

I have finished one of my secret patchwork projects for Christmas – yay!  Now, usually, I don’t share photos of secret sewing with you until the recipient has received but I am making an exception.

This is something I began in September and got put on hold because of shoulder problems, and then because it seemed to be jinxed and quilting was not going to plan.

However, I was making this for a special person, so I unpicked the quilting disaster and persevered.  It’s a lap quilt for my young niece and the chances of her popping onto my blog are zero. Now, I have to specify that my niece is a huge Dora fan . . . so I bought one metre of a Dora print, and the colours in that dictated my choice of fabric for the front.

for Mel 02

The Dora fabric is sky blue background, with bright pinks and purple.  There are also lots of butterflies flitting around.  I therefore used lots of sky blues, some purple, some bright pink AND even some fabric leftover from the tunic I made myself ^^

for Mel 01

My niece is a special-needs child, and in September, she became a boarder in a special centre.  Bearing this in mind, and that all her belongings have to be marked with her name, so they don’t get lost . . . I had fun with the embroidery option on Juki and embroidered her name, top left.  She, of course, will know it’s her quilt, but this is just to make sure it doesn’t go walkabout.

Finished quilt is 35” x 47” so it’s not big enough for a single bed. However, it will make the perfect “snuggle” quilt, for when curled up in an armchair watching TV and remind my niece of Auntie Claire (as if she needed reminding lol. She loves her Auntie Claire!).


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