hexies are growing


“Let it Bee” hexies are coming along nicely and growing . . . photo to show you I’ve now added the 180 hexies in plain “biscuit” around the intial flower shapes.  So that’s stage 2 done, so to speak.  This isn’t a final layout – just a snapshot of progress.  Next job is to cut even more hexies and begin a second border


I’ll be using the buttery yellow for that.  The darker fabric will be for later on, when I begin joining things together.

It’s quite a lot of work actually cutting and basting the hexies onto their paper shapes, but then it becomes more relaxing, as an evening sewing project in front of the TV.

So far I’ve assembled 285 little hexies . . . need to prepare 270 in my “butter” fabric, so wish me luck ^^


7 thoughts on “hexies are growing

  1. It’s looking great! I’m glad you’re introducing a slightly darker colour later on; it’ll help to bring out whatever pattern you eventually decide on for your layout. I quite enjoy the basting process, I find it goes quite fast and then you have a big stack of hexies to do things with.

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