Ducky’s a big boy now

You know who our Ducky is.


Yep, here he is ^^  Six months old yesterday and boy is he a big kitten!  4.4 kilos, can you believe that?. I have a hard time believing it myself, but that’s what the scales say. And, because we don’t want any hanky panky going on in our house, Ducky is the first of the kittens to be neutered.  What a birthday present, eh?  All went well – he came home a little groggy, but was quickly back to his normal self.


Abby (here on Blackjack’s bed which is covered in Blackjack fur)


is a tiny shrimp in comparison.  She weighs in at 2.8kg, so that’s a more normal weight for a 6 month kitten. She hasn’t come on heat yet, but we thought it safer to get Ducky “fixed” first.  Abby will go along to be spayed next month, once she’s grown a little more.  Neither kitten has been allowed outdoors yet and Abby will stay indoors until she has been spayed.   Our other cats are neutered, so her honour will remain intact ^^ We want no accidental pregnancies in this house, thank you very much!

Blackjack also saw the vet yesterday.

bjack bed 03

That was for his annual booster jabs, but also for a general check-up. He’s not getting any younger.  He’s also put on weight without me noticing!  From a very healthy 32 kilos he’s now, quite frankly, over-weight and, I’m ashamed to say he tipped the vet’s scales at almost 38 kilos!!!  Now, that is no good . . . is making his heart & other organs work overtime, and it can’t be helping his old joints either. So, I picked up a sack of “calory control” dried food for Blackjack, and he’ll be on a strict diet over the coming weeks, in the hopes losing at least 5 kilos.


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