slowly but surely

Gosh, did you know there are only six crafting weeks before Christmas?  This means I need to get my skates on and find time to do more secret sewing . . . on projects I will not be able to share with you unfortunately. Saying that, my evening stitching isn’t a secret, so I can show you updates on that.

Hurrah for non-secret sewing, because otherwise I wouldn’t have much crafting to blog about these days!  Anyway . . . first photo to show you the fourth zodiac sign I have just begun.

virgo 12 11

I’m stitching “Virgo” this month.  She looks very wishy-washy at the moment as I’ve only just begun filling in the dark brown outline.  Lots of skin to stitch, then all that swirling hair, and the inevitable blue square borders, but if the kit cover photo is anything to go by, she’ll look beautiful when complete.

My other evening sewing is hexies

LIB update 12 11 02

You’ll remember, I finished all my “Let it Bee” flower shapes, with Henry Glass fabrics and had begun preparing “biscuit” coloured hexies to add.  It’s actually coming along very well

LIB update 12 11 01

As you can see – nine lots have come together so only six more to do.  And then, I’ll be preparing more hexies, in another colour for the next borders.  I still have no idea how big this is going to be when finished.  Nor how I’m going to finish it (apart from the fact that it will be a quilt top).  I’m just letting it grow on its own . . . and taking each stage as it comes.


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