twin beds for Blackjack

Only took me 90 minutes to run up a second, identical bed for Blackjack.

twin beds.

Same method, same fabric, and same size (approximately since I eyeballed measurements).  This second bed is now in our bedroom – plopped on top of two thin foam mattresses

bjack bed 2

I think it should be comfortable enough ^^

As I was making this, my little brain was already thinking of more practical sewing.  I recently bought myself a new printer/scanner which is on a unit next to my computer.  Currently the printer has an old cushion cover lying on the top because . . .

merlin 04 11

Yep!  Merlin has taken to sleeping there. He used to like to sit on my old printer, and this one is a lot bigger.  I don’t mind him sleeping on it, since it doesn’t stop me from using the printer BUT I do object to it getting full of cat hair.  I’m therefore going to measure it up and work out how to make a proper cover that slips over . . . and probably incorporate a cushion on the top part to make it more comfortable.

Since I had taken photos of two of our animals, I snapped a few shots of the others.

ducky 04 11

Ducky was with me in my sewing room . . . making himself very much at home on top of Rio’s cage.


Abby was also in my sewing room, curled up on a stool (because I wouldn’t let her sleep on my chair)

abbs 04 11

And Le Bleu was keeping himself to himself on our bed

le bleu 04 11

Another photo, taken yesterday, of Ducky and Abby

abbs and ducky 03 11

They seem to have a “thing” for this blanket!  They both suckle on it ^^  They’re almost 6 months old now.  I’d have thought that type of kitten behaviour was behind them, but apparently not.  I don’t know if you can get an idea of size from this photo, but Ducky is really a lot bigger than his sister.  Abby weighs in at 2.5 kilos whereas Ducky is a whole kilo heavier!  He’s going to be one very large adultcat!

And a last photo, taken a few days ago just to show you something we don’t see very often, so it’s rather an “event”. All four cats on the same couch!


Ducky, as usual, is sprawled out on his back, invading every one else’s space,  and getting a good licking from Merlin ^^ And I think Abby is suckling on that blanket again!


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